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Images of the brain created with photoacoustic imaging

Photoacoustic Imaging

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Photo-mediated ultrasound therapy

Photo-mediated Ultrasound Therapy

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Images of: Granular structures of connected grains with stretch-shear coupling, Non-standard transverse grain displacement under extension of grain-string, and Emergent negative Poisson's effect due to tailored grain interactions

Metamaterial Predicted by Granular Micromechanics

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depiction of the mechanical characterization that are combined with bio-chemical characterization to inform the granular micromechanics approach (GMA) based model for assessing adhesive effectiveness, which in-turn informs the material design in an iterative loop

Probing the mineralized tissue-adhesive interface for tensile nature and bond strength

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Tailoring Materials-Tissue Interfaces collage of biomaterials under magnification

Tailoring Materials-Tissue Interfaces

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Structure/Property/Function of the Tissue/Material Interface


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