Photo-Mediated Ultrasound Therapy

By applying synchronized laser pulses and ultrasound bursts, we developed a technique, termed photo-mediated ultrasound therapy (PUT), as a localized antivascular method based on the enhanced cavitation mechanism. PUT takes advantage of the high native optical contrast between blood and surrounding tissues, and has the unique capability to self-target microvessels or blood clots without damaging surrounding tissues. The technique utilizes nanosecond laser pulses, which is spatially and temporally synchronized with low duty-cycle ultrasound bursts of sub-MHz frequencies at the target.Diagram of the application of photo mediated ultrasound therapy to an eye

We have established a research team with collaborator from University of Michigan and University of Kansas medical school. With funding support from the National Institutes of Health, we will develop novel medical devices based the PUT technology for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration, deep vein thrombolysis, and stoke.


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