Institute for Bioengineering Research


IBER has eight active grants, six from the National Institutes of Health and two from the National Science Foundation. An additional five grants are pending, collectively worth $3.8 million.

An accelerated Master's program was approved for 2015 that allows KU engineering undergraduates to obtain a B.S. and M.S. in only 5 years.


Madison and Lila Self Fellowships


The mission of the University of Kansas Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship is to identify, recruit, and provide development opportunities for exceptional Ph.D. students in business, economics, engineering, mathematics, biological, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and physical sciences who demonstrate the promise to make significant contributions to their fields of study and society as a whole.

Profile of a Self Fellow
Self Fellows are selected for their vision, career goals, and achievements. They are able to set and attain goals, show leadership potential and motivation, and possess a strong work ethic. Self Fellows also demonstrate initiative, passion for achievement and lifelong learning, and make a commitment to participate in the Fellow Development Program.


  Offered to
BioE Students
Accepted by
BioE Students
School of Engineering
(including BioE)
Total Across KU

Self Fellowships:
Bioengineering Graduate Program Success in Competition

Fall 2008 2 2 5 7
Fall 2009 2 1 2 4
Fall 2010 2 2 5 6
Fall 2011 3 2 3 8
Fall 2012 1 1 4 9
Fall 2013 1 0 1 6
Fall 2014 4 4 4 9
Fall 2015 2 1 2 9