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Publications 2004

1. Berkland, C., K. Kim, and D.W. Pack. 2004. “Controlling Double-walled Microcapsule Shell Thickness Fffers Modulated Piroxicam Release.” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 70A(4): 576-584.

2. Berkland, C., K. Kim, and D.W. Pack. 2004. “Controlling Surface Nano-structure using Flow-limited Field-injection Electrostatic Spraying (FFESS) of Poly-(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide),” Biomaterials, 25(25): 5649-58.

3. Berkland, C., K. Kim, and D.W. Pack. 2004. “Uniform Double-walled Polymer Microspheres of Controllable Shell Thickness.” Journal of Controlled Release, 96(1): 101-11.

4. Berkland, C., M.J. Kippe, B. Narasimhan, K. Kim, and D.W. Pack. 2004. "Microsphere Size, Precipitation Kinetics, and Drug Distribution Control Drug Release from Biodegradable Polyanhydride Microspheres." Journal of Controlled Release, 94(1): 129-41.

5. Misra, A., P. Spencer, O. Marangos, Y. Wang, and J.L. Katz. 2004. "Micromechanical Analysis of Dentin/adhesive Interface by the Finite Element Method." Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B-Applied Biomaterials, 70B(1): 56-65.

6. Purk, J.H., V. Dusevich, A. Glaros, P. Spencer, and J.D. Eick. 2004. "In Vivo versus In Vitro Microtensile Bond Strength of Axial versus Gingival Cavity Preparation Walls in Class II Resin-based Composite Restorations." Journal of the American Dental Association, 135(2): 185-93.

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9. Wang, Y. and P. Spencer. 2004. "Exploring the Nature of Acid-resistant Hybrid Layer with Wet Bonding." Operative Dentistry, 29(6): 650-5.

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2. Misra, A., O. Marangos, P. Spencer, J.L. Katz, and Y. Wang. 2004. “Anisotropy and Adhesive Penetration Effects on D/A Interfacial Micromechanices.” In Abstract #30, Journal of Dental Research 83, Special Issue A.

3. Misra, A., P. Spencer, P. Lakku, Y. Wang, and J.L. Katz. 2004. “Micromechanical Model for Cohesive Materials.” At Proceedings of International Congress on Computational Mechanics & Simulation (ICCMS-04), Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, December, 467-74.


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