Institute for Bioengineering Research

Cate Wisdom

School of Engineering - Bioengineering
Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellow
Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Ph.D. Student
Graduate Research Assistant, Dr. Tamerler
Primary office:


Ms. Wisdom was awarded a Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship for 2012-2016. She is a Graduate Research Assistant with Dr. Tamerler's Lab. Previously, she was a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Detamore in the Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Lab. Ms. Wisdom's research interests include rotator cuff tissue engineering and biomimetic biomaterials. She is the co-founder of Collab, a online platform to connect student innovators on campus and in the community. She earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, with a concentration in bioengineering, from the University of New Mexico.