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Grant Management

We are here to help you with your grants when you cite IBER on your grants. The Administrative Associate Sr in the Institute for Bioengineering Research is available to assist you after you have cited IBER on your grant with some of the pre-award or post award activities. We want to reduce your administrative burden so you can focus on the research. IBER: 785-864-1744

Further details about post-award activities are provided below.

The Pharmacy & Biomedical Research Shared Service Center (PBR SSC) ยป  handles all Post-Award Grants Management Services and it includes three groups. The Human Resources Group handles all human resources related to matters, the Post Award Research Group handles budget and administrative post-award matters and the Finance Group reviews the expenditures under each grant awarded in order to ensure availability of funds prior to the submission of orders and to assess compliance with agency and federal grant administration guidelines. 

A detailed list of services offered through the PBR SSC can be found below:

Human Resources

  • Manage all aspects of the initial application
  • Manage ongoing appointments
  • Monitor Timesheets and Absence Requests in HR Pay
  • Confirm accuracy of payroll checks and arrange for loans in the event of an error
  • Inform PI of expiring appointments and coordinate re-appointments
  • Provide monthly report of active appointments and cost projections
  • Provide special projections/reports if requested: time accruals, resignation/termination costs

Post-Award Research

  • Assist with financial management of grant
  • Meet as needed with PI to coordinate financial plan
  • Provide monthly summary of grant financial activity
  • Assist with preparation of annual progress reports and the final report
  • Assist with the collection of personnel data and internal budget for the next reporting year
  • Assist with applications for no-cost time extensions and supplemental funds


  • Review orders and send e-mail confirmation of orders
  • Process invoices and payments
  • Process travel advances and reimbursements

Equipment Bids

  • Write bid specifications
  • Submit specifications to purchasing office
  • Review submitted bids
  • Report results of the bid process to PI
  • After consultation with PI, we make recommendations to the Transaction Services to place order
  • Coordinate the bidding process for equipment purchases over $5,000
  • For equipment purchases under $5,000, conduct phone bids if requested