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Graduate Students

Completed BS in Physics @ KU Currently working on PhD in Bioengineering with Imaging focus, Working with Dr. Yang
Learned Hall, Room 5102
Graduate Research Assisstant, Dr. Tamerler, Bioinformatics Engineering Ph.D. Student
Eileen Cadel
Graduate Research Assistant, Dr. Friis, Biomedical Product Design & Development M.S./Ph.D. Program
Graduate Research Assistant, Dr. Dhar
Lance Frazer's portrait
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dr. Fischer, Bioengineering Ph.D. Student
Learned Hall, Room 4149
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, MS/PhD Program, Dr. Tamerler
LEEP 2, Room 1444
Graduate Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Student
Learned Hall, Room 5104A
Graduate Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Student, Dr. Misra and Dr. Spencer
Learned Hall, Room 5114
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dr. Gehrke & Dr. Dhar, Bioengineering M.S. Student
Graduate Research Assistant, Dr. Tamerler, Biomolecular Engineering M.S. Student, Vice President, Bioengineering Student Council (BioESC)
Learned Hall, Room 5104
Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellow, Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Ph.D. Student, Graduate Research Assistant, Dr. Tamerler