Institute for Bioengineering Research

Farhana Abedin, Ph.D.

School of Engineering - Bioengineering
Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Technology at California State Polytechnic University
Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Ph.D.
Former Graduate Research Assistant, Dr. Spencer
Primary office:

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Abedin F., Ye Q., Song L., Ge X., Camarda K., and Spencer P. “Effect of Partition of Photo-initiator Components and Addition of Iodonium Salt on the Photopolymerization of Phase-separated Dental Adhesive.” The Journal of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, 2016.
  • Abedin F., Ye Q., Camarda K., and Spencer P. “Impact of Light Intensity on the Polymerization Kinetics and Network Structure of Model Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Methacrylate based Dental Adhesive Resin.” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials, 2015.
  • Abedin F., Roughton B., Spencer P., Ye Q., and Camarda K. “Computational Molecular Design of Water Compatible Dentin Adhesive System.” Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 12th PSE and 25th ESCAPE, 37, 2081-6, 2015.
  • Abedin F., Anwar M., Asmatulu R., and Yang S. “Albumin-based Micro-composite Drug Carriers with Dual Chemo-agents for Targeted Breast Cancer Treatment.” Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 30(1), 38-49, 2015.
  • Abedin F., Ye Q., Parthasarathy R., Misra A., and Spencer P. “Polymerization Behavior of Hydrophilic-rich Phase of Dentin Adhesive.” Journal of Dental Research, 94(3), 500-7, 2015.
  • Abedin F., Ye Q., Good H., Parthasarathy R., and Spencer P. “Polymerization- and Solvent-induced Phase Separation in Hydrophilic-rich Dentin Adhesive Mimic.” Acta Biomaterialia, 10(7), 3038-47, 2014.
  • Ye Q., Parthasarathy R., Abedin F., Laurence J., Misra A., and Spencer P. “Multivariate Analysis of Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR FT-IR) Spectroscopic Data to Confirm Phase Partitioning in Methacrylate-based Dentin Adhesive.” Applied Spectroscopy, 67(12), 1473-8, 2013.

Book Chapter

  • Abedin F., Anwar R., and Asmatulu R. "Risk Assessments of Green-photoactive Nanomaterials." Green Photo-active Nanomaterials: Sustainable Energy and Environmental Remediation, RSC Publishing. Editor Nuraje N., Asmatulu R. and Mul G., 364-384, 2015.

Conference Abstracts

  • Abedin F., Ye Q., Spencer P., and Camarda K. "Computer-aided Molecular Design of Water Compatible Visible Light Photosensitizer for Dental Applications." AIChE, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, November, 2015.
  • Ye Q., Ge X., Song L., Abedin F., Burris P., Tamerler C., Misra A., Berrie C., Laurence J., and Spencer P. "Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Polymerizable Amine Co-initiator for Dental Application: Evaluation of Polymerization Kinetics and Quantification of Leachables." Society for Biomaterials, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, April, 2015.
  • Abedin F., Goncalves S.,Ye Q., Laurence J., and Spencer P. "Polymerization Kinetics of Hydrophilic-rich Phase in Phase-separated Dentin Adhesives." Academy of Dental Materials Annual Meeting, Bologna, Italy, October 2014.
  • Ye Q., Abedin F., Good H., Spencer P., Parthasarathy R., Tamerler C., Misra A., Laurence J., and Berrie C. "Hydrophilic-rich Phase Mimic in Dental Adhesive: Polymerization- and Solvent-induced Phase Separation." Society for Biomaterials, Denver, Colorado, USA, April 2014.
  • Ye Q., Abedin F., Spencer P., Parthasarathy R., Misra A., and Laurence J. "Photo-polymerization Kinetics of Hydrophilic-rich Phase Mimic in Dentin Adhesive." Society of Biomaterials, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, April 2013.
  • Misak H., Abedin F., Wooley P., Asmatulu R., and Yang S. "The Efficacy of Magnetic Targeted Drug Delivery to Cure Skin Cancer." Society of Biomaterials, Annual meeting and Exposition, Orlando, Florida, USA, April 2011.