Institute for Bioengineering Research

Emily Beck, Ph.D.

School of Engineering - Bioengineering
Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Kansas Medical Center
Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Ph.D.
National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Graduate Research Assistant, Dr. Detamore
Primary office:

Dr. Beck is researching ways to improve treatment for those with arthritis. She's working on a designing a material to better integrate with the body (especially in the knee) and help in quicker, easier recovery. Dr. Beck had two NSF Fellowship. Her work explores the use of colloidal gels to create scaffolds for the regeneration of bone and cartilage. She was selected as a finalist in the 2013 ASME SBC Ph.D. Student Paper Competition. She received the Kansas Bioscience Award at the Capital Graduate Research Summit in 2014. Dr. Beck has her B.S. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Kansas State University.