Institute for Bioengineering Research

Awards 2011

  • Nikki Galvis, Ph.D. BioE student, received a NSF Graduate Fellowship for her work on the effects of scoliosis on trunk motion in 2011.
  • Emily Beck, Ph.D. BioE student, also received a NSF Graduate Fellowship in 2011.  Ms. Beck’s work explored the use of colloidal gels to create scaffolds for the regeneration of bone and cartilage. 
  • Nathan Dormer, 2011 Ph.D. BioE graduate, won the Argersinger Prize for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation, University of Kansas.
  • Jim West III, 2011 M.S. BioE graduate, co-founded Somametric and West Device Innovations. 
  • Karthik Ramachandran, Ph.D. BioE student, received an IAMI fellowship for 2010-11.
  • A.J. Mellott, Ph.D. BioE student, was awarded a NSF East Asia and Pacific Island Summer Institutes Fellowship to spend summer 2011 in Japan.