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About IBER Laboratories

Undergraduate research assistants getting hands on experience

The instrumentation in the Institute for Bioengineering Research  provides structure/property imaging capabilities at the cellular and tissues levels. The tools and techniques are used for multi-scale characterization of soft and hard tissues, materials (bulk and thin-film), and biomaterial/tissue interfaces.These resources offer investigators the opportunity to explore the new frontiers where imaging interfaces with bioengineering. Activities are focused in the following areas:

  • understanding the micro- and nano-structure/property relationships of natural tissues and using this knowledge to design new biomaterials
  • development of new biomimetic materials and devices
  • defining the fundamental phenomena that control reactions occurring at the interface of biological tissues with synthetic and tissue-engineered materials
  • development of materials to deliver therapeutic agents to specific cells, tissues or organs
  • development of methodology and devices for the examination of biological structure and function. The ultimate goal of this work is early diagnosis and effective treatment of disease.

The instrumentation within the Institute for Bioengineering Research Laboratories is used for both research and teaching. For more information regarding the instrumentation contact:

Dr. Qiang (Charles) Ye
Director, Institute for Bioengineering Research Laboratories
Office: Learned Hall, 5101E
Phone: 785-864-1746